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I write this post in order to let you know about great tees that are not published in Threadless homepage during the sale time :(.


The image at the left links to a page which is an alternative link that will show you the full catalog of Threadless, not just the main Threadless line tees.

As you can see, the select tee of this week called “The Sailor and the Sea Serpent” is pretty awesome and it’s ashame people can’t see and buy it from Threadless homepage, don’t you think?

(*) Notice that you can still use Threadless coupon codes while shopping type tees, select line tees & art prints.

Threadless select line contain T-shirt designs from the top Threadless designers that already won the regular main competition four times or more.

This line has just moved to another domain but still connected to the main Threadless website. In the new domain, you can find only select line tees that printed on American Apparel t-shirts (very quality t-shirts).

New designs are published each monday as the regular threadless line does. Threadless promised suprises each week on the new select line website.. let’s see what will happen.

The first monday on the new website was a real suprise.. Threadless has publish not 1-2 designs, they published 4 select line designs and there is a story behind those tees.


Threadless donated 15,000$ to The Rhode Island School of Design Scholarship Fund and some of the proceeds of this week designs will cover this donation.

Each Threadless select line t-shirt cost 25$. I know it’s a bit pricey compared with the regular line (which in my opinion even better than the select) but you can always use Threadless coupon and save 3$!

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