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Threadless sale

We have all waited for this to come and it’s finally here! Threadless sale 🙂
All tees starting from 5$ only! a lot of new shirts this week, new hoodies and great reprints choises.
Sale will be over at March 23 so don’t wait till your tees will be sold out.


Here’re some of my favourites in the last few weeks that I think you should check out.

This design was made by 50 Threadless best designers and the main designer was Alex Solis. If you’re intrested in buying this tee- don’t wait! it will be grabbed pretty quickly.

When I first scored this design I just wanted it so bad to be printed and it did. Great concept and great execution. well done Aled Lewis for your 21st print on Threadless 🙂

It’s a really cool idea and it’s already on my cart. Can’t wait to play poker with that shirt.

I chose it because I think it’s the best zip-up hoody in Threadless. very unique and cool. defenetly worth the price.


There are 16 NEW tees on Threadless this week along with a new sale for the girls!

Threadless coupons

One design that caught my eye is called “Woolly Woolly” by Edward Pincombe. It’s a really cool and unusual print from Threadless so don’t miss it!

One more T-shirt I really liked is again designed by Alex Solis that won with his latest designs in the last few weeks. Look for more prints from this guy. I always stunned when watching his great designs.

Threadless T-shirt

As I blogged before about, Threadless is having a new concept for the Bestee awards.


Threadless fan page on FacebookThreadless announced yesterday (19.01) about a “FAN-tastic challenge” that can be ended with a 3 days long sale starting from Monday, January 26.

The idea is pretty simple- you should join the Threadless fan page on Facebook and if it reachs 50k members by January 23, Threadless will randomly choose 5 members from the Threadless fans page on facebook and give them 12-club membership (~250$ value)! If it will achieve that goal, Threadless will also have a 3 days long sale for everyone.

I think it would be great if I could help with this post and ask you to join Threadless fans page on Facebook and invite your friends.

If every currect member of this threadless fans page will invite only 2 friends, we’ll achieve the desired goal 🙂


3 weeks passed already for the big Threadless holiday sale and there are only
7 days left till it’ll end.
As promised by Threadless, every week there will be another suprise revealed. Last week it was the free shipping and 2 week ago it was the up to 15$ discount” sale.
This week, Threadless (as always) suprise us with a new kind of sale

  • Spend $50 get 10% off!
  • Spend $75 get 15% off!
  • Spend $100 get 20% off
From a check I’ve made, all 3 Threadless coupon codes (including the new one) are still working and giving you a chance to save some bucks for the next purchase 😉

last week of threadless holiday sale

There are 18 new tees this week and I’m going to post some that I liked here.
First one is called “RED”. I remember voting 5$ for this one and wished it will be printed and Threadless made it. Great design and colors.

RED - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Next one have a real strong concept based on a song. The tee as the song called “Friday, I’m In Love!“. You won’t understand this one if you don’t know the song so click here to hear “Friday, I’m In Love!” song

Friday, I'm In Love! - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

This next tee design which I scored as well as 5$, has a really cool and clever concept. I think you’ll understand this one on your own.

Freaks In The Fun House - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Last design I liked this week is from the typetees line. slogan is “I HATE ATTENTION SEEKERS“.

I hate attention seekers - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

This is the last week of the sale so don’t miss it! You’ll miss this sale in 2 weeks, I’m promise. 😛

week 3 of threadless holiday saleWeek 3 of Holiday sale and as promised in the main Threadless holiday sale post, every week of the 4 weeks holiday sale, Threadless makes a new suprise with the sale.

This week, There is a new valid coupon code along to the other 2.

Those 3 valid & working Threadless coupon codes can be found in here

Last week they did it with a up to 15$ off sale and by adding new tees to the 5$ & 10$ tee groups.

They even added last week the new tees from the first week of the sale.

This week Threadless gives you FREE SHIPPING.  further details can be seen in the next image:

I have to say this week’s new tees are pretty awesome! I really loved 4 tees of the regular line & both of the typetees line.

december 08 new tees

Next 6 tees you’ll see are my favourite tee choises by me for this week.

Remember that you can still use Threadless discount code & save another 3$ off your total order!

It would be very nice to hear your toughts about this week release 🙂

Be turned, Threadless blog is planning for you some suprises really soon 😉

Threadless Holiday Sale 2008Threadless Holiday Sale continue by (YOU CAN STILL USE THREADLESS HOLIDAY 3$ COUPON CODE) and like every single Monday, Threadless publish new tees, prints & reprints.

Threadless published this week designs along with another suprise!


You can understand on your own, YOU CAN SAVE UP TO 15$ even without using threadless coupon code!

I’ll pick here only few designs and review them but you can always go to Threadless homepage and see the whole week release.


I really want to start this week with the select line tee print of this week. I’ve seen a lot of Threadless select tees but this one is really awesome! going to buy it right now!

Second tee I want to mention is “Spoilt“. This tee is a reprint. I saw a lot of people that were asking for reprint on this tee so no wonder Threadless did it.

Spoilt - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Let’s continue with a new T-shirt design print. It’s called “Photo Finish“. I chose this one because I really think that the creator put some work on the concept and he succeed with it. really cool twist that makes me wonder how I didn’t think about this..

Photo Finish - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Don’t forget to use Threadless coupon code when buying. It can save you some money for next time 😉

Threadless sale

I have been waiting for this sale a lot of time because I have so much tees in my basket waiting to be grabbed and now it’s cheapppp!

Threadless published their regular weekly tees along with this new sale that saves you up to 5$!

now you can shop and buy tees from 5$ up to 15$

Just checked and the 3$ coupon still working so you really can buy any tee for very cheap price! I don’t remember that kinda sale for a long time. USE IT WELL!

From this week tees I’ll grab 2 tees because they are really awesome, you can have a look at them here.

Remember to use Threadless 3$ coupon and save some bucks!

*Notice that while sale time, this 3$ coupon works only if your order is more than 50$

As you can see, Threadless also changed their layout for this sale and I have to say they made a great job. This really looks awesome [as always]

Here’re some awesome tees I would recommend you to buy:

Very original concept along with great execution. awesome T-shirt

Again, great concept and the purple color just killed me 😛 Love it!

the above one costs now only 10$ before even using the 3$ coupon code!

Above one is even cheaper! only 5$!! It’s not a permanent price so hurry and buy it now!

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