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Threadless Holiday Sale is over, 9 New Tees

Posted on: December 22, 2008

Threadless sale is overAfter a long holiday sale that was full of suprises, it’s over!
Threadless big holiday sale of 4 weeks is gone and we’re going to miss it but don’t forget there’s new tees every week! This Monday as usual, Threadless publish new tees and today they published 9 new tees – 6 from the regular Threadless line, 2 from the typetees line and 1 of the select line.

You probably wonder if the Threadless coupon codes still working so let me tell you that I’ve taken care of you and updated the Threadless coupon codes list so you’ll be up to date with the latest working Threadless discount codes šŸ™‚

Next few designs are the ones that I liked the most and wanted to share with you. If you have any other opinion I would love to hear it. šŸ™‚

First one is called “Television Made Me Do It” – another winning design from the talented designer Aled Lewis that designed great tees and personaly I love his style and I own some of the tees he designed.
I chose this design mostly because of its fantastic story and concept.

Second one is called “I’m Like A Bird!“. another fantastic concept along with a great design skills. (that’s why I love Threadless so much)

Third choise of mine is a design called “Bird Migration” done by Alex Solis – a very talnted designer that has great designs up for scoring and I follow him. This is his first winning design and I’m sure you’ll see more from him. He has a really special style and great skills.
This specific design is a winning design from the “Threadless Loves Travel” promotion.


Forth and the last design I’ve chosen to share with you is from the typetees line.
The winning slogan is “The dinosaurs deserved it“. Very clever slogan that I think I’ll buy and wear it šŸ™‚

That’s it for this Monday. Don’t forget to use Threadless coupon codes and save some bucks.

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