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Awesome new Threadless tees and zip-ups!

Posted on: November 17, 2008

Just checked Threadless and saw they published their new tees and zip ups now so here’s my point of view 🙂

You Don't Have To Know Beforehand - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

This zip-up is my favourite design for this week. great print and I’m going to buy it right after I post this 😉

Honestlly, I don’t this that this tee worth 18$ but it’s my special & unique taste.

Very colorful tee and I think it would be a great tee for kids..

Love it! just awesome concept, design and print. another tee for this time 🙂

Threadless continue to make their tee prints better and better because of their competiton from DBH and we only benefit 😀

This is the first slogan tee out of 2. again, very clever idea and very nice tee.

That is the second type tee of this week.

This week, Threadless published only single select line tee but unlike last week, I love this design and would consider buying it even when the price is a bit expensive.

You can still use threadless coupon code and save some bucks


1 Response to "Awesome new Threadless tees and zip-ups!"

I’m really digging the “When The Sun Explodes” tee.
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