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This week designs are realy great and most of the reprints and the new designs are realy to my taste.

This post I chose to focus on a reprint of great design called “Biblical Disaster“. I never noticed this specific design but I’m so glad it was reprinted!!

First time I saw the design I was shoked of the great concept, then I saw that I’m not the only one thinks this way-

1239 people voted and with a amazing average score ofย  3.94, Threadless probably couldn’t say no for reprint.

This week, threadless printed 2 designs with special print unlike regular threadless tees.

Here’re both of ’em:

All you left to do is to buy some tees at using threadless coupons for saving some bucks at the checkout.


I won’t publish ’em all but here’re few that made me wanna buy new tees

That’s what happened when you mess with bunnies ๐Ÿ˜‰

Smarty design but still, I don’t think I would buy this one.

well, that’s a great design with great concept but it would be much better on print than a tee.

And now to those slogan-based tees that I think they’re not worth the price of 15$.. (only my opinion)

I guess that’s all for this week. have a nice shoppping experience and don’t fotget to save money using threadless coupon.

This week, has published the winners of “threadless loves democracy” promotion- 6 new tees and 3 more prints. This week’s prints are the same designs as the new tees.

The T-shirt that standed up more than the others [at least for me] was “yes or no” by Ericka Gonzalez because of it’s all over print. This type of print is quite rare in threadless but hey! at least they remember there’s such a print method ๐Ÿ˜‰

After a long time of waiting, alot of threadless customers saw the “of the dead” tee reprinted.

That’s it for this week. Go shopping and use threadless coupon code in order to save some bucks ๐Ÿ˜€

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